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Software maintenance

Software maintenance is the process of improving, optimizing, and Troubleshooting software defects (ON) after operation. Maintenance is one of the phases of the life cycle of the software, which follows the phase of the transmission in operation. During support to the program changes in order to correct detected in the process of using defects and shortcomings, and to add new functionality to improve usability and applicability.

We provide various kinds of services to support ON platform 1C:Enterprise, namely:

  • create reports and documents;
  • set forms of regulatory reporting;
  • configuring exchange between the model configurations;
  • install updates;
  • fixing errors in the database;
  • connect programs "client-Bank";
  • much more.

We work with standard configurations from suppliers on the basis of 1C:Enterprise, and the configuration associated with significant improvements or developed from scratch to meet specific customer needs.

phone: +7 (3822) 716 720
e-mail: office@system-administrator.pro
address: Russia, Tomsk, Gerasimenko str., D. 1/14