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Efficient infrastructure for successful business

The main goal assigned to the information technology infrastructure is the efficient delivery of applications and services, delivering high performance, maximum security, management and integration of transaction cost optimization, reduction of operational costs through virtual or cloud infrastructure applications and instant response.

About us

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We are a group of specialists in the field of building infrastructure solutions in the field of information technology.

We provide services in four areas:

  • Optimization and infrastructure planning
  • System and network administration
  • Software maintenance
  • Monitor servers and services

The first and the main direction of our activity is the development of infrastructure solutions. We listen and understand customers, develop solutions for specific business challenges.

We know how to develop the infrastructure and to always follow the needs of Your business.

We know how to accompany complex infrastructure solutions.

We are engaged in system administration services of Your infrastructure. Thus, we support the development of the infrastructure of Your business.

We support software to our customers, allowing it to run smoothly and your employees to focus on the goals of Your business.

We monitor the workload of Your servers and service uptime, allowing you to prevent failures.

How to order service?

To order services, please call +7(3822)716720, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and submit a request for a service order. Ask question and learn how you can find us on the contact page.

Principles of operation

We are not looking for quantity, we have no pipeline and "standard solutions". We work with advanced tools in order to maintain quality.

At work, I try to follow the following rules:

  1. Work only under the contract and technical specification
  2. Tasks are broken down into smaller
  3. Take an advance payment, the size depends on the scale of the project
  4. Preference to large, interesting projects
  5. Reasonable price. Individual approach
  6. Quickly. Efficiently

Turning to us, You can be confident in the quality of our works. Call us!

phone: +7 (3822) 716 720
e-mail: office@system-administrator.pro
address: Russia, Tomsk, Gerasimenko str., D. 1/14